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How can I get an email alert when RAID array is degraded? VMware ESXi 5.0, MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i

2012-11-10 · Posted in VMWare

Here’s what I had to do:

  1. Download MegaRAID SAS VMware SMIS Provider VIB from the Support & Downloads tab on this page.
  2. Enable SSH on my ESXi host. This involved the following steps:
    • Go to the Configuration tab for the host in vSphere Client
    • Select “Security Profile” under Software
    • Click the “Properties…” hyperlink next to Services
    • Click on “SSH” in the list, then “Options…”, then “Start”
  3. Use scp to copy the VIB file to /tmp on the host:
  4. Log into the host via SSH:
  5. Install the VIB file:
  6. If you got signature errors during the installation, install with the option --no-sig-check(official documentation states you can change the sig-check level, but i could not install regardless of the level):
  7. Reboot the ESXi host

After the reboot, the “Host storage status” alarm fired as expected when I pulled a drive, so I’m a happy bunny :-)

For completeness, here’s what I had to do to get it to send me an email when the alarm triggered:

  1. Configure SMTP settings
    • Log into the vCenter Server using vSphere Client
    • From the menu, select View / Administration / Server Settings…
    • Click on “Mail” in the panel on the left
    • Enter the name of the SMTP server and sender account (this is kind of lame – would be nice if we could specify a port to connect to, SSL, authentication etc.)
    • Click OK
  2. Configure the alarm to send email
    • From the menu, select View / Inventory / Hosts and Clusters
    • In the tree view on the left, click on the object where you want to configure the alarm – either at the top level (which will affect all hosts) or an individual host
    • Select the “Alarms” tab
    • At the top of the list of alarms, make sure “View: Definitions” is selected
    • Locate “Host storage status” in the list of alarms and double-click it
    • Go to the “Actions” tab
    • Add a new “Send a notification email” action
    • In the “Configuration” column next to your new action, enter the email address you need the alarm sent to
    • You probably also want to make sure “Once” is selected in each of the last 4 columns, so you’ll be notified every time the status changes

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