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Smoothwall on VMWare ESX4.x(i) Howto

1. Create a New Virtual Machine
Select the “Custom Installation” Option

2. Choose A suitable Name for Your Virtual Machine

3. Select The Datastore That you would like to use for your Virtual Smoothall

4. Choose Version 7 Virtual Machine Hardware

5. Select “Linux” and “Other 2.x Linux (32bit)” as the Operating System

6. Select 1 Processor (Smoothwall only Supports 1 Processor)

7. Allocate a suitable amount of Memory to the Machine

8. Select the Required number of Network Interfaces. You will need a minimum of two (Red + Green).

9. Select the “Buslogic Parallel” Type of SCSI Adapter

10. Create a new virtual disk

11. Choose a suitable size for the disk. You would probably want 20GB at the minimum.

12. Leave the Advanced Options at Default

13. Click “Edit the Virtual Machine” so that we can select the iso image to boot from.

14. Browse to where the ISO is and select “Connect on Power on”

You Should now be able to boot the machine with a console and install smoothwall as per the installation guide.

You will need to set up your virtual network adapters to suit your installation.
Normally, this will mean that you will have a virtual adapter for “red” that will be connected to a physical network adapter so that you can connect it to a modem/router.

The Red/Green/Orange virtual network adapters may or may not be connected to real adapters – depending on whether all your machines are virtual or not.

For mapping virtual network adapters to physical ones, see your vmware documentation.

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