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vSphere access from internet

2016-02-01 · Posted in VMWare

I wanted to connect VMware vSphere client over the internet directly to one of my ESXi hosts to gain remote access. This isn’t any hard thing to do so here is my quick steps for this configuration. You can achieve this by changing your internet router or firewall settings. In a router we can do a port forwarding or use DMZ settings. In here I am configuring my firewall to do the port forwarding.

According to the VMware below ports are required to access vCetner/ESXi from vSphere client.

Since my 443 port is using by my one of other server (MS Exchange OWA) I am going to do a port address translation as well. I am using port 6000 fake port to access ESXi’s 443 port. And use the same 902 port as both external and internal.

vSphere External Access_www.doitfixit.com (1)

Open your VMware vSphere client and type your [Public IP]:[port] as shown in below image.

vSphere External Access_www.doitfixit.com (2)

However port 903 wasn’t needed to connect from the internet.

Also make sure to have correct gateway settings in your ESXi host. To check this go to Configuration -> Networking -> Properties.



Select Management Network, Edit -> IP Settings -> VMkernel Default Gateway

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